I know you'll never read these words...
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You are made of all the things that make me smile and I discover something new to smile at every time I’m with you.
Your presence wraps me up in its warmth, a warmth that spreads through my being until it manifests itself in the twinkle of my eyes and in the deepening of my very own smile.
Your smile comforts me and tells me that there is so much more of you waiting for me to explore.
Your eyes burn like fire and penetrate my heart melting all the ice away, the remnants of yesterday, when I was cold and lonely until you came and found me.
Your voice makes me tingle and like a soft jingle in my ears I eagerly respond as it caresses my body, drawing me closer to you.
Your touch makes me tremble and I begin to wish for all the things I never knew existed before you and your kiss.
Your kiss is heavenly bliss as I taste the essence of this…this love. By me (via thenubianwoman)